Monica Kluger

Certified Instructor/Co Facilitator Women's Programs


Hi, I’m Monica Kluger, and I’ve been involved with shooting since August 2013. Prior to that, I had only shot rifles a few times and had never owned a gun nor knew much about them. For many years I felt that I should learn how to shoot safely for personal defense and in the summer of 2013 the perfect opportunity came along: the Cheyenne chapter of A Girl & A Gun was starting up. I joined right away and have been a member ever since. This all-women’s shooting league gave me exactly what I was looking for, learning how to operate a gun safely and shooting in different circumstances. Somewhere along the way, I also discovered that I really enjoy shooting! Since I joined, I’ve been shooting pistols regularly and now even have a couple of my own. As I’ve become more knowledgeable, I’ve been able to help others in the league by running events and assisting members one-on-one. In June 2015 I became an NRA certified instructor to teach the NRA Basic Pistol class, where I have the opportunity to pass along both the knowledge and the joy of shooting to others new to the sport.

In November 2016, I became one of the first five instructors nationwide who is certified to teach a new form of self-defense:  the Close Call Method(TM), developed by Strider Safety Operations.  Find out more at


A Girl and A Gun Cheyenne – Co – Facilitator
Holding Strong Instructor
Close Call Academy Instructor
NRA – Member and Instructor
Girl Scouts – Life Member



Basic Pistol Instructor

Range Safety Officer

Strider Safety Operations / Close Call Academy

27 Close Calls Instructor

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