April Strong

Owner/Training Counselor/Instructor/CRSO


April is a daughter, sister, wife, and mother of 2 beautiful children. She loves Girl Scouts, 4-H, NRA, and the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation for their commitment to educating our youth about firearm safety and has volunteered with each of these programs as away to support her ultimate goal “To never read another news story about an accident between a child and a firearm”.  She has spent the last 10+ years in pursuit of that goal as an Instructor and Training Counselor for the NRA.  While her primary focus is now on educating women in safe use and handling of firearms, she always keeps her students families in the back of her mind.

Through constant improvement of her own skills and seeking out instruction from high quality and competent instructors, April has been able to further her goals and improve on the courses she is able to offer to her students. April acts as a facilitator and Regional Director for A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League, through which she has been able to bring new programs, instructors, and even IDPA competitive shooting events to her area.  She has worked and shot at major matches and loves to compete with other likeminded individuals.

Through her involvement in A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League, April has been fortunate enough to receive instruction from the likes of:

Karl Rhen
Kathy Jackson
Gabby Franko
Vic Fredlund
Tatiana Whitlock
Mike Hughes
Trident Response Group
Becky Yackley
BJ Norris
Atlas Defense
Randy Rogers
and more.

April has traveled to various states as a competitive shooter and as an instructor.

Alien Gear Sponsored Shooter


A Girl and A Gun – Facilitator
NRA – Life member, Instructor, and Training Counselor
4-H – Alumni, Volunteer, and Former Instructor
Girl Scouts – Alumni, Volunteer, Former Leader, and Former Service Unit Manager.
Hips Archery – Former Pro Staff Member
S.I.R.T. – Affiliate Instructor
L.A.S.R. – Affiliate Instructor
27 Close Calls Ambassador



Rifle Instructor – expired
Pistol Instructor – expired
Archery Instructor – expired


Training Counselor
Chief Range Safety Officer
Basic Rifle Instructor
Basic Pistol Instructor
Basic Shotgun Instructor
Metallic Reloading Instructor
Shotshell Reloading Instructor
Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor


Match Director – Club
Safety Officer

NASP (National Archery in the Schools)

Basic Archery Instructor


SPP Coach

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