Pistol Instructor Candidate Downloads

Note: The NRA NRA Education and Training department requires the online (Phase 1) portion be completed regardless of whether you have taken the basic pistol course in the old format.  The old format was discontinued as of March of 2016 and is no longer considered approved NRA training.

Be sure to email training@holdingstrong.com a copy of your online course completion certificate with your pin# as soon as you have completed the course.

Please fill out and return the Pre-Course Questionnaire via email to the above address.

Once I have received that I will send you a printable version of the NRA Basic Pistol Phase II Lesson Plan so you can study it prior to the course.

What it means to qualify as an NRA Instructor?

To Qualify as an NRA Instructor.pdf

To Qualify as an NRA Instructor.docx

Keep track of your course preparations with the NRA Pistol Instructor Candidate Checklist.

NRA Pistol Instructor Candidate Checklist.pdf

NRA Pistol Instructor Candidate Checklist.docx

Prepare for the Pre-Course qualification.

Pistol Pre_Qual.pdf

Practice on the exact target that we will be using during the Pre-Qualification shooting.  Distances and instructions are shown on the bottom of the target.


Follow along with the course Outline for Basic Instructor Training.

Basic Instructor Training Course Outline.pdf

Basic Instructor Training Course Outline.docx

Follow along with the course Outline for Basic Pistol Instructor.

Pistol Instructor Course Outline (Phase II).pdf

Pistol Instructor Course Outline (Phase II).docx