Basic Pistol Shooting Instructor Lesson Plans

As of April 4th the Basic Pistol shooting course has officially changed. Going forward your students will have the choice of taking the blended learning version OR the ILT (Instructor Led Training). The instructor led training takes us back to a similar version of what Basic Pistol shooting was prior to the roll out of blended learning. Our class will be a bit more in depth and you will now have 2 separate sets of lesson plans to use depending on whether you are teaching Phase 2 of blended or ILT. Attached you will find Both sets of lesson plans as well as coordinating Power Point presentations.

Please download and print the lesson plans and bring them to class along with your basic pistol shooting handbook and a printout of the Phase 1 Table of Contents/Index. These items will come in handy during the course and for the tests.

We will be covering the Qualification shoot as well as how to teach the range portion of the class during our session on Sunday. We will be pushing hard to get everything done so be prepared for a few long days as we work through the course.

Presently the classroom portion is scheduled to be held at the Comfort Inn in town.

Thank you
April Strong


Lesson Plans for download

Blended Phase II Lesson PLans

Blended Phase II Power Point Presentation

ILT Lesson PLan

ILT Power Point Presentation