27 Close Calls Live Classes

27 Close Calls™ is a new type of self-defense for women.  This method teaches proactive and practical strategies that anyone can use for conflict avoidance and to keep you safer without using weapons or martial arts.  It’s “self-defense for the brain”.

A free classroom presentation for women ages 18 and up will be held Wednesday, October 11, at 7:00pm in the Holy Trinity RE Center, located at 1836 Hot Springs Avenue in Cheyenne WY.

More in-depth classes for women will be offered October 18th and 25th at the Holy Trinity RE Center.  The total cost for these additional classes is $25.  Preregistration is required and space is limited, so register early at http://tinyurl.com/27CloseCalls .

Please email monica27cc@gmail.com with any questions. To learn more about 27 Close Calls™, visit 27cc.HoldingStrong.com,  www.CloseCallAcademy.org, and www.StriderSafety.org

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Swab-its Bore-Stick Product Review

Proper gun maintenance is an important  part of owning a firearm.  Most manufacturers and instructors recommend cleaning the gun after every session and many companies are finding new and innovative ways to make that job less of a chore.  As an instructor myself, I am often providing high cost supplies to students in my classes so that we can thoroughly cover the steps of cleaning.  I was recently given a set of Swab-its Bore-Sticks to test out on my guns and see what I think.  The quick answer is, I was very impressed and will be adding this product to my training kits for students going forward.  I used my bore-sticks to clean a 9mm semi-automatic and .38 revolver.

While Bore-Sticks, Bore-tips, and the like are relatively new to the market, Swab-its/Super Brush LLC is an American company that has been in business for 65+ years.  All of their products are manufactured at their plant in Springfield, MA USA and have years of  product testing and research to back them up.

The Bore-Sticks come in packs of 4 caliber specific sticks and feature a semi dense foam at the tip that is rectangular in shape.  The foam itself felt soft to the touch and yet were sturdy enough to the application of cleaning solvent.  I have had other types of similar products break down after running through the bore a few times.  Swab-its, however, held up as advertised and after cleaning a few guns showed no sign of wear or damage.

The use of plastic in the stick allowed some flex while running through the bore of either gun allowing me to adjust pressure in areas that had more fouling than others.  The stick also did not mar the surfaces that it rubbed against like metals would have.  Due to the design of most revolvers it is easier to clean through the muzzle end rather than the chamber side.  The thick padding of the foam tip coupled with the flexible plastic stick provided for softer contact with the frame than a standard jag and patch would have.

What I found to be the most useful part of the Swab-its products is their usability and re-usability.  Because they are made from a seemingly high quality foam(I am not an expert in foam), they are washable.  After getting my bore-sticks good and nasty, I gave them a bath in hot water mixed with a bit of dish soap.  They came out looking clean and bright and new again.  All of the cleaning solvents, gun oils, and materials removed from the bore washed away easily and the Bore-Sticks are ready to be used again and again.  A perfect low cost option for the classroom. Coming in at $14.99 a pack, they will outlast patches and help reduce waste.

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We are now an Authorized Sticky Holster Dealer


After searching for a suitable option for some of my more off the beaten path handguns I decided to look harder into the Sticky Holster brand.  They have been getting rave reviews on several sites and I see why.  Sticky has been adding to their product line and now offer Kydex inserts, travel mounts, ankle and garter carry options.

As we progress through the next several weeks, I will be adding more and more of the Sticky brand products.  If the holster or product that you need is out of stock, please go ahead and back order it and we will order it for you right away.  We are still trying to determine what options are the best to keep on hand for all of you.

Shop for your Sticky Holster now!

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